Five prominent organisations call on industries using metalworking fluids

In an open letter to industry, five organisations are calling for employers to act on metalworking fluid controls to benefit workshops, machining performance, employees and reduce costs for businesses.

The United Kingdom Lubricants Association Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship Group is working with British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), Make UK, Manufacturing Technologies Association and Safety & Health Engineering Partnership to call on industry to use metalworking fluids safely.

The simple and practical steps where employers should take action are grouped into three key areas – fluid, mist and health.

The letter comes after HSE launched the metalworking fluids campaign in September. HSE will be inspecting manufacturing businesses that use metalworking fluids or ‘white water’ in their machining processes until March.

HM Inspector of Health and Safety, Fiona McGarry, says: “HSE welcomes the support of all five organisations in raising awareness of the importance of control measures when working with metalworking fluids. Both the campaign and letter focus on three key areas where manufacturing companies can ensure they’re protecting workers effectively; installing local exhaust ventilation on CNC machines, completing regular fluid quality checks and providing regular health checks for lung and skin conditions.”

Outlined in the letter, benefits include:

  • Reduce downtime, waste and scrap components
  • Improve machining efficiency and increase productivity
  • Provide a healthier working environment for operators
  • Reduce the risk of lung and skin disease
  • Contribute towards duty of care responsibilities.

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