Farm Safety Week 2023

Farm Safety Week 2023: Let’s make our farms safer

Farm Safety Week is back, and this year’s theme is “Farm Safety Starts with You.”

The annual event, which this year runs from 17-21 July, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of farm safety and remind those working in agriculture of the simple things they can do to make farms safer for workers and visitors.

The importance of farm safety

cattle and farm machinery

Agriculture has the worst rate of fatal injury per 100,000 workers of all main industry sectors. HSE’s report for 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 show that there were 27 deaths in agriculture, forestry and fishing. That’s 21 workers and 6 members of the public, including a child. The industry’s safety rate remains stubbornly poor.

There are many potential hazards in farming, and the biggest cause of death on British farms over the past 5 years has been through vehicle-related incidents.

Other common causes of farm accidents include:

The long-term effects of ill health or injury from farm work are also a concern, with risks of occupational lung disease and related cancers, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), stress, and poor mental health.

What you can do to improve farm safety

There are many simple changes you can make to improve farm safety. Here are a few tips:

Make sure your farm is safe for workers and visitors

This includes segregating vehicles and people, using clearly marked routes and walkways, and providing good lighting and high-visibility clothing to help everyone be seen on the farm.

Be a safe driver

Farming vehicles and machines can be complex to operate. Make sure anyone using them has been trained in their safe use. Always make a safe stop and use the handbrake every time you leave any kind of vehicle on the farm. And wear the appropriate safety equipment – such as a helmet on an ATV and high-visibility clothing.

Keep vehicles and machinery in good condition

Regularly inspect and maintain all vehicles and machinery to ensure they are safe to use. This includes checking brakes, seatbelts and making sure windows and mirrors are clean and unobstructed

Use our resources to help you make your farm safer

  • What a Good Farm Looks Like:

what a good farm looks likeThis guide covers a range of farming safety and can help you and your workers understand common risks. Download it here.







  • Checklist for Workers: 
Worker Checklist

Our safe driver and safe vehicle checklist covers a range of essential safety checks, including brake inspection, seatbelt use, window visibility, and safe driving practices. Download it here.

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Support from across the industry

Yellow Wellies Farm Safety WeekYellow Wellies are a charity that works to improve farm safety in the UK and Ireland. They provide resources and support to farmers and other agricultural workers, and campaign for better farm safety legislation. You can find out more about them and their activities this Farm Safety Week on their website:

Together, we can make a difference

By taking simple steps and being aware of the risks around us every day, we can make our farms safer and prevent needless tragedies.

Visit our Your Farm Your Future agricultural safety campaign page to learn more about farm safety and how you can make your farm safer.