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Safe vehicle

Check for faults now, before it’s too late

Vehicles work hard on farms. That’s why it’s vital they are checked and maintained regularly to detect faults and prevent mechanical failures.

Safety checks help protect you, your family and your farm.

Around 50% of deaths involving moving vehicles on British farms could have been prevented if these areas of the vehicles are in order.

  • Regularly check and maintain brakes on all vehicles. Trailers must have brakes designed for the maximum loads and speeds at which they will operate.
  • Ensure a seatbelt is fitted and worn every time a vehicle is used
  • For vehicles which have doors fitted as standard, make sure the doors are attached securely and remain closed when the vehicle is moving.
  • For vehicles that have mirrors fitted as standard, double check they are fitted securely and are  clean to ensure optimum visibility.

Every year farmers are killed or seriously injured when their vehicle overturns or vehicle or machinery falls during maintenance.

Maintenance work should be done by someone with the skills and knowledge to undertake the work safely, ensuring all the power to the vehicles and machinery is off and they are isolated.

Check jacks are correctly positioned when raising vehicles or machinery. When working under vehicles or machinery always use supports such as props or scotch mechanisms.

Pause, think, prevent.

Take a moment to watch our video with simple steps to check and maintain your farm vehicles.

Maintenance guidance

Oil being checked on a tractor

Whether your farm is large or small, we have further practical tips and advice to help make your farm a safer when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

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All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Man in high vis and helmet driving an ATV up an incline in a wooded area

We have further information for working safely with ATVs

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Safer farming guide

Female farmer using a seatbelt in a farm vehicle

For further advice on a range of farming safety.

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