The Animal

Work with cattle is one of the most common causes of death on British farms.  Never underestimate the risk from cattle, even with good precautions in place. Where possible, people and cattle should be kept apart.

Bulls can be territorial and cows with calves are very protective of their young and should be treated with extra caution. You should:

  • Consider having bulls ringed at about 10 months and check the nose ring regularly.
  • Use handling aids such as poles and halters when moving bulls.
  • Consider culling animals that are habitually aggressive or difficult to handle.
  • Keep bull beef in secure pens in small groups of 15 to 20. Set up facilities to allow feeding, watering and bedding changes to be carried out without the need to enter the pen with loose bulls.
  • Keep stock bulls in a purpose made bull pen which meets the requirements set out in Handling and housing cattle AIS35.
  • Bull pens used to house beef bulls should also meet the same standards.

Download our working safely with livestock checklist

We have created these campaign pages and assets to help make sure you consider all the risks and act now to protect everyone on your farm.

Workers that are new to the industry are at higher risk.

Download our working safely with cattle checklist, share them with your workers and discuss how to  keep everyone on the farm safe.